Peruvian Lily…Thoughts…

Hey, bloggers. Sometimes my creative tank is nearly empty. I struggle for something new, but find myself bouncing off the same old stuff that, in itself, isn’t bad, it simply isn’t…new. I’ve posted shots of Peruvian lilies before. This photo was taken a few days ago on a day where there plenty of honey bees about, but few butterflies, my usual subject. I did have a doe greet me in the driveway at daybreak. She looked at me with disdain, then pranced down the middle of the street towards an area that until last year was overgrown with vegetation, but now supports the frame for a new house. Deer used to graze there, but no more. She’s going to be disappointed as am I.

Given the state of affairs in the real world, a wandering doe isn’t on the radar, but it should be as the ramifications of global warming continue to be ignored. Yes, there is a connection between loss of habitat, less fresh water and a warming plant, As for the Peruvian lily, I water it with stored rain water and it doesn’t seem to mind.

One response to “Peruvian Lily…Thoughts…”

  1. Sweet shot, and it’s so sad and insane: about global warming continuing to largely be ignored.


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