Green heron
Snowy plover

I clicked the shutter countless times this year with most efforts falling into the mediocre zone. But, there were some winners, in my opinion. I’d like to devote the final few posts of the year to my favorites and, perhaps, adding reasons why they favorites over and above the fact that they were in focus.

In January 2019 birds brightened up the winter days. First, there was a green heron at a pond in Sacramento. This was the only time that I’ve seen this species of bird, underscoring that a photo opportunity may only happen once.

Later that same month I almost walked on a snowy plover, a protected species of bird that nests in sandy beaches. This shot was taken at Carmel River State Beach. I’ve read about efforts to protect the plover’s habitat, so photographing it–almost stepping on it–made this species’ plight all the more real.

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