Bikes Have a Place and so do Masks

Last evening two cyclists approached California’s capitol building in Sacramento in a bike lane. The second photo is what was in front of them and behind me. Downtown Sacramento has bike lanes all over, making it an easy city to maneuver on two wheels, save for the occasional idiot who flings a parked car door open so it blocks a lane. During the pandemic vehicle traffic has been sparse, the air cleaner than usual and cycling easier. Of course, the lockdown is coming to an end–restaurants were allowed to open at reduced capacity a few days ago. Not withstanding the mob scene at a few beaches, most people appear to be cautious, judging by the number of face mask wearers I see in stores–myself included.

There was a time in 1969 and 1970 in this country when people wore masks, including gas masks, on certain Saturdays and Sundays to protest our part in the Vietnam conflict. Earlier this month the number of US troops killed in Vietnam was surpassed by Covid-19 deaths in the states. Of course, there are protestors today who claim they have the freedom to refuse to wear a mask in stores when it is required by the store–these people are selfish in their disregard for workers at supermarkets, for example, who have become frontline targets of the virus, given the exposure risk of an 8-hour day indoors.

As a veteran of riot squad duty, I know and respect the passion of people against the war, but not for those today who belittle the health risks posed by the exposure risks of coronavirus. Please be considerate of others.

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