Morning at Point Lobos…

Marine Layer Over Point Lobos, California With Brown Pelicans Flying By.

Yesterday was special for what was on camera as well as off. First, I took Ivan for a hike with my camera and tripod, hoping to capture the dynamics of the marine layer that has been hanging over Point Lobos in the early morning hours this week. I was prepared for Ivan to pull the tripod into the sand at Carmel River State Beach–he was on leash. But those fears were dismissed when I opened the tripod up and he sat next to it. He stayed seated for ten minutes while I clicked away. I hadn’t said anything to him, he seemed to know the tripod meant quiet time, or so I wish. The key is that people usually don’t bring dogs to this beach–it is an on–leash area while the beach in Carmel-by-the-Sea is off leash. The story may have been different if Ivan had seen another dog, or may be…

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