Monday Hope and Anger

Sunrise over Central California where much of our food is grown.

The news is grim. Coronavirus upticks in parts of the country are triggering fear of a second wave of infections and deaths here and abroad. The cell phone video has proven to be a new, effective arm of justice, opening the eyes and hearts of those who have been blind to institutional biases against people with black skin. Indifference, the great enemy of equality, is finally weakening and this time, it may fall like those confederate statues that celebrate heroes of slavery. But the victory of progress faces an uncertain outcome with a president unfit in countless ways to unite us.

I chose the sunrise photo to honor the farmworkers and their families who have suffered through Covid-19, many losing their lives, to bring food to our tables, and to remind all that with each new day, we are given the opportunity to end racism. Life has never been more blatantly unfair in terms of who fares worst against this deadly virus and against unequal justice. At a time when it is unhealthy to lock arms, we need unity of purpose. Everyone I know well is with me.

2 responses to “Monday Hope and Anger”

  1. There are so many ugly racists here in the states that it might burst into flames. The U.S.A. should be invaded by other countries for atrocities against humanity.


  2. For too long the country has suffered from indifference, that is, a majority of people didn’t care enough to stop the institutional and law enforcement injustices against people of color. But now many of those people are waking up and altering how we view equal justice and opportunities.


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