Social Distancing: When is it safe?


When I walk Ivan I have a mask around my neck, ready to be put in place if someone approaches. My only real fear comes from runners who are breathing heavily with their air bubbles filled with whatever following them. Yesterday, I was passed by three runners, including one pushing a baby carriage. Took this shot with my cell phone once they were a safe distance away. But what is safe? Do those air bubbles linger? When can I remove the mask? And, how many more weeks do I have to ask these questions?

About a month-and-a-half ago I didn’t wear a mask when walking outside. Now I don’t leave home without one. The vast majority of people I encounter outside in the Carmel area wear masks, even a few runners. Articles have been written about how few Covide-19 cases have been recorded in the Monterey Peninsula–we live in zip code where fewer then five people have been infected since March. I don’t want the virus, nor do I want to pass it on to someone else. I favor being safe in the absence of compelling evidence that masks and social distancing are no longer needed.

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