A Bird’s Eye View

After thousands of bird shots, I try to change the perspective to capture the viewer’s eye–that’s my theory at least. In this photo it appears that a California towhee is aware it is being photographed, but not is about to leave its august perch and maybe I should get that camera out of here. Okay, that’s me injecting human thoughts into a bird’s mind. Regardless, I left.

The challenge is take photos that don’t look like the other photos I’ve taken over the years. The time to be creative is in how the shot is framed and how the lighting accentuates the focus. Also, I should use a tripod whenever possible to get a sharp focus. The shot above was hand-held. Lucky.

One response to “A Bird’s Eye View”

  1. That’s a beauty Steffen – amazing that you caught the color so beautifully as well as his little black eye!


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