When in Doubt, Have Fun Shooting!

Yesterday I posted about the importance of perspective, lighting and focus in taking a photo that stands out from the usual. Then, I went for a photo walk. I brought Ivan rather than a tripod which reduced my chances for a well-focused shot–I clip his leash to my belt when I shoot. The subjects were red dragonflies at a nearby pond full of water lilies. I picked a location with a filtered sun striking the lilies from the side. I’ve photographed dragonflies before and like to wait for them to land on a lily that hasn’t opened yet. I used a 300mm lens with 100 ASA, but was unsure of how I could make the shot more compelling than a straight-on shot of a dragonfly. I concentrated on diffusing the muted colors of the lilies that contrast dramatically with the bright red dragonfly. I fired of a series of shots–burst mode– hoping at least one would be sharply focused. Got two. Decided to crop the dragonfly tightly to accentuate the “science fiction” look.

The key to photography is to enjoy it, from traveling to the subject to that mental checklist of what works and what doesn’t. I don’t have to think too much after so many years of taking shots. My big mistake is to be in a hurry. Rushed work is often poor work. So, I don’t have that cup of coffee before I leave, nor do I impose a time limit on how long a shoot should last. Peace.

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