The Redwood Tree

California has its beaches, mountains and freeways for people to contemplate. But my favorite place to consider the possibilities of life is the redwood tree when it is struck by sunlight which, in this photo, is 2:45 p.m. on a weekday. This particular tree is so tall I can’t set the top when sitting down–it is, in fact, swallowed up by its own magnificence.

The lighting in the afternoon on a glary day isn’t great for photographing faces and buildings–the images go flat–but the redwood absorbs the light in a calm way–I took this shot from a park bench by California’s state capitol where several decades ago I would often go when stressed by people lying in attempts to make or break written law in the State Legislature where I worked. This redwood, my church of truth, is still standing tall.

One response to “The Redwood Tree”

  1. A magic place for meditative pondering! 🙂


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