Visitor with a Story

For the last four mornings a fawn has been “sleeping” in our front yard behind some shrubbery. I called the local SPCA wildlife rescue team for advice. Here is the story: If the fawn is not crying or moving around anxiously, then it is most likely under the care of its mother–do not touch it, or feed it. Deer are born without a scent, a natural protection attribute against predators. The mother stays away because her scent might attract predators. She will come at dawn and dusk hours to feed and/or check on the fawn after having picked a safe place for it to stay–our front yard!

We live a block away from a public school–we do not live in a forest. Regardless rabbits and quails are in the yard most days, so there is room for a fawn. I’ve altered my activity with Ivan to avoid visits from the doe.

If the fawn is trapped and in obvious distress, the SPCA would send a rescue team. But the best plan is to wait for the fawn to go off on its own. Based on my description of it and this photo, that might occur within a week or two.

I will note that when I go out to our driveway, the fawn will leave, leaping as it goes, to a neighbor’s yard.

I’ve seen a large doe on the street recently, so maybe she is nearby in the woods by the Carmel River.

In terms of predators we have dogs, coyotes and mountain lions. With the drought mountain lion sightings have increased. Uneasy times.

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  1. That’s an interesting story! I’ll remember the advice given to you.

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