Hold This Moment…

I drove 300 miles yesterday, about 270 miles over my self-imposed limit for one day. But near the end of this trip with the November sun on the horizon shooting shafts of bright light into my eyes–I had on dark sunglasses–the song came on the car radio: “I’m Your Captain” by Grand Funk Railroad. This is one song about one moment of friendship for me. I was in the Army, too short to be sent to Vietnam (I had less than six months to serve in 1971) My buddy Norm was also short. We played on the Special Troops basketball team and had just finished a game where our passing and shooting were of pro-caliber. We decided to celebrate with some beers and food. On our way to this bar “I’m Your Captain” hit us on the radio (the song was released in 1970). Norm and I were both E-5’s (our rank), and at this moment we realized that we had survived and we were truly “getting closer to home” (song lyrics). So, Norm, if you are reading this 50 years later, God bless and remain good and kind. Peace.

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