Shadowy Tricks…

Is that a crow behind me?
Oops, it’s a rock.

I walked Ivan* to Carmel State Beach yesterday to check on the aftermath of the prior evening’s rain storm. I took out my I-Phone with a blinding morning sun behind me. In the viewfinder I saw my shadow along with a crow perched on a post. After I pressed the shutter, I turned around–there was no post or crow to be seen. Only after taking a second photo did I realize the bird was a rock. Maybe I needed more coffee.

*We’ve had Ivan for three years–his name came from the shelter that rescued him from the streets. He looks like a lion at times so recently I called him Leo–his head shot up in recognition. I’ve started calling him Leo and he responds well. Could it be?

3 responses to “Shadowy Tricks…”

  1. Sure looks like a crow to me. Don’t you just love shadows?


  2. Shadows are the best.


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