Note left on a bench overlooking Carmel Bay.

Yesterday while walking Leo I found a “note” resting on a bench overlooking Carmel Bay. Notes are often left here, in fact there is a mailbox under the bench for visitors to leave written thoughts. Also left was a torn top of a crayon box–again, kids leave their seaside artwork for others to enjoy. I assume these “clues” were left recently as the ocean winds would normally blow them away. I read the nameless visitor’s message about how it is “hard” be alone. This morning I read that 26 million people over the age of 50 in this country live alone and that prompted me to leave this post.

First, living alone may be by choice and should not lead to the conclusion that such a person is lonely. Secondly, I am not qualified to provide advice on how to deal with loneliness which has increased, say experts, during this current pandemic. I have my moments of loneliness which I believe is normal. When loneliness becomes a thought for me, I increase my “acts” of kindness which sounds like advice, but. I’d counter that helping others/being kind is a healthy thing to do, regardless of why you do it.

I wonder what has happened to that note?

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  1. Great read, Steffen!!


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