My Davd Crosby Moment

I was released from two years of active duty in the Army on June 19, 1971. Friends threw a party for me that evening, kind of a what do I do next affair. After everyone left I listened to David Crosby’s newest song, “Laughing” with Jerry Garcia on pedal steel guitar. “I thought I met a man who said he knew a man /Who knew what was going on. /I was mistaken, Only another stranger that I knew.” I didn’t have a clue about my future that night.

I’ve been listening to Crosby’s “Laughing” religiously for the past 50+years. Two days ago Crosby died at the age of 81. Strangely enough I played “Laughing” several times that day before learning of his passing. Of course, his music isn’t going to die while I can say that in looking back, my “future” happened and it was okay. ” And I thought that I’d seen someone who seemed/At Last to know the truth./I was mistaken. It was only a child laughing in the sun.”

Rest in peace, David.

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