A 360-degree look at Sun and Moon

I was at Sammy’s Beach yesterday when I looked up and saw a nearly full moon hanging over the ridge line–please click photos to enlarge. Climbed back up to road level to take two polar opposite photos from the same spot:  one of the sun about to set and the other of the moon over Carmel Valley. There is a full moon this Sunday in the United States and Europe—Asia and Australia go full on Monday.

I must digress and recall “the freedom moon” of 1971. I was living in a VW bug while I drove around the country I wanted to know better after two years in the Army. The bug was slowly climbing up some mountain on Route 66 in Arizona at 2 a.m. when the tiny rear window lit up with a bright light. Was that a cookie I ate? No, it was a gigantic full moon at eye level. As a city slicker this was a first for me. I took photos that may be in an attic somewhere.

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