Private Beach With No Takers

private beach12.JPG

Big Sur has scores of postcard perfect “private” beaches if you can reach them.  In most cases these areas are perfect because they are never used by humans.

I roamed around the country in a VW bug in September 1971 after my honorable discharge from the Army. It wasn’t until I reached Big Sur and one of these private beaches that I was able to relax and think about the future. They were short thoughts led by the notion that “now I’ve reached a spot where I am alone and can think about what comes next.” At that very moment a sea gull glided by–just a few feet from me. I reached for my camera and took a shot in an era where film had to be processed. It would be a month before I saw my capture. Now I see sea gulls everyday. And, I live near this private beach although, frankly, I don’t know if it is the same one where I decided to build a darkroom.

Somewhere in a box there is this first sea gull photo. Maybe I’ll find it some day.

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