Heads Down Society Misses Out

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Head down societyWe live in a heads down society where people frequently cross streets, walk on beaches or  drive while fixated on their cell phones.  This behavior is often rude, if not, dangerous. I chose this photo to capture the act of ignoring our surroundings in favor of reading a text message. When I took this shot, I assumed the person was looking at the sunset at Cannon Beach in Oregon. But after I enlarged and lightened it, I realized she was on her cell phone, her back to a magnificent sky. And I did not take this photo with my cell phone.

Head down society - Copy

4 Replies to “Heads Down Society Misses Out”

  1. If my cell phone is with me at all, I often forget it entirely, it is solely for the purpose of taking pictures. I would love to say magnificent pictures, however, once I look at them they are usually pale in comparison to the live view.

    Your picture is gorgeous and the perspective is right on. This is our new reality.



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