Forest Fire Sun Rise

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Even though we’re 279 miles from the most destructive forest fire in California history, the smoke and its smells are here in the Monterey area, cloaking the sunrise with an eerie haze.  So far 23 people have died in “The Camp Fire” which has torched 105,000 acres, destroyed some 6,400 structures and leveled the city of Paradise to the north of us. To the south there are two other forest fires that are contributing to the smoke blanketing much of our state.

At a time when we need to support the fire survivors and the courage of the firefighters, our moronic president in one of his ridiculous tweets has cast blame on “poor fire management.” Rather than express remorse for the dead, or acknowledge that his federal agency is responsible for 60 percent of forested public  lands in California, he has sought to demean the people risking their lives to save others. He continues to deliver messages of hate regardless of the issue.

On the brighter side, rain is expected in Northern California on Tuesday and Wednesday.



2 responses to “Forest Fire Sun Rise”

  1. When you turn your back on the environment, like Trump did with the EPA, then nature retaliates with disorder and violence.


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