Falling Trees

Winter storms in California mean its falling tree season. A few weeks ago I posted a shot of a tree that fell on three cars and blocked a road on New Year’s eve 2018. Two days ago a tree crashed in the neighborhood, destroying a fence but luckily missing the house.The shot above is a favorite for me–a tree that fell in the wild and became a perch for a sparrow.

Decades ago I heard a tree fall in the middle of the night while asleep. It was a long, painful moan that, at first, I took to be a nightmare. But after I went to the window, I saw a porch light that I’ve never seen before–that’s where the tree fell. I turned this event into a mystery novel that now sits safely in my desk.

Published by 67steffen

My labels: grandfather, father, veteran, writer, poet, photographer and dreamer in pursuit of the meaning of life. Getting close, although I'm running out of time--probably why I'm so close.

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