The Girls “Pose”…Finally!

In the first shot Teddy looks left and a second later, she looks right, but stays in the same place. Molly is a rock.

I’ve never had a dog that mugged for the camera. Teddy and Molly were no exception until yesterday. We were at the beach–the two girls running free, in fact, I had lost track of them. The tide was rising and I noticed the surf had covered the dry beach we had just walked on. I called out their names as I approached an outcrop of rocks. As if by magic there they were, standing side by side on a boulder as if in a pose. This is the only time our two rescue dogs have stood still, off leash, for a photo. I emphasize “stood still” because Teddy avoided direct eye contact. But it was a special moment, nonetheless.

2 responses to “The Girls “Pose”…Finally!”

  1. They’re lovely dogs. Mine are called Molly and Teddy too! 🙂

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  2. Thank you. Have your dogs bonded with each other? The girls are inseparable.


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