Friday Fast Fiction: The Gag Writer

Wendell woke an hour before the alarm was to sound. “Already?” asked his wife. “Can’t sleep.” He rolled out of bed and groped his way to the door. An hour later he was showered, in a suit and seated at the kitchen table, holding a cup. He recalled last night when he practiced eye contactContinue reading “Friday Fast Fiction: The Gag Writer”

Friday Fast Fiction: The Store That Never Closes

Gregory grew up near a general store known as “the store that never closes.” It was a one-story structure without a name, or hours posted on the front. Everybody in the neighborhood simply knew it was there and regardless of the time, they could get what they needed. A husband and wife ran it, refugeesContinue reading “Friday Fast Fiction: The Store That Never Closes”

Friday Fast Fiction: Anxiety

A man in a black raincoat entered a dress shop. A young woman approached him. “Can I help you?” “I’m looking for Goyer’s Pretzel Factory” “My dad shut the business two years ago. I’m his daughter–this is my place.” “I’m an old friend. Is he around?” When the daughter said her father rarely came by,Continue reading “Friday Fast Fiction: Anxiety”

Friday Fast Fiction: The Booth

When Fred was selected to be on one of the most popular game shows on TV, he assumed he’d do well. He studied game shows carefully and he prided himself on his ability to beat all TV contestants from his living room sofa. The format was simple. Three contestants, each positioned in a sound proofContinue reading “Friday Fast Fiction: The Booth”

Friday Fast Fiction: The Senator

The senator gulped the remaining wine. He held the glass out–someone filled it.  He took a sip interrupted by a voice and then stumbled when he turned to face a young woman. “And you are?” he asked as he steadied himself. Where the hell is Jackson? “Samantha Tyler.” She extended her hand. He bent overContinue reading “Friday Fast Fiction: The Senator”

Friday Fast Fiction: The Clerk and the Sleepy Cop

Despite having only one policeman, crime was rare in the hillside village of Tuvista. In the past year “Cap’n” Duvali had arrested two drunks and one pickpocket, according to the clerk, Ms. Barth, who also kept a private log on the hours Duvali slept in his office. One overcast afternoon Duvali finished walking his beatContinue reading “Friday Fast Fiction: The Clerk and the Sleepy Cop”

Friday Fast Fiction: The Newlyweds

On Monday Lester witnessed a man carrying a woman across the threshold of the apartment next to his. Two days later he pressed his ear to the wall separating his apartment from the couple he assumed were newlyweds. “You accidentally called your ex-wife?” “I didn’t know the cell phone was on.” “Why was her numberContinue reading “Friday Fast Fiction: The Newlyweds”

Friday Fast Fiction: The Rogue Wave

  “Look there,” said the bride, barefoot in the sandy beach. Her husband followed the line of her finger. “Look at what?” he asked. “The sparkle between those two rocks.” He stepped into the surf. “It’s an abalone shell.” Eric stood above them on the cliff’s edge—the couple reminded him of the woman he metContinue reading “Friday Fast Fiction: The Rogue Wave”

Friday Fast Fiction: The Therapist and the Nachos

The client spoke: “If I had it to do over again, I wouldn’t be an intellectual. I’d go for the mundane, drink beer, sit on the couch and cheer at football games on TV. My girlfriend would think the same way. We’d both love nachos.” Dawson stared at his client’s unkempt hair—an adult child’s appearance.Continue reading “Friday Fast Fiction: The Therapist and the Nachos”