Dogs Before the Storm…

Our two rescue dogs romped on the beach yesterday during the proverbial calm before the storm. Much of the sand has been washed away by high tides this month. Higher tides are expected over the next two weeks. The winds struck around 10 last night–damage survey to come. (The calm before the storm included theContinue reading “Dogs Before the Storm…”

FilmStruck Departs…for now

I love watching last Century foreign movies that have withstood the test of time. FilmStruck was an online service that allowed me to see these classics that I had originally viewed  in art house 40 and 50 years ago in the states. But this service shut down a few days ago with several promises thatContinue reading “FilmStruck Departs…for now”

Wild Turkeys Storm City Hall

Along with the tradition of the Macy’s Day Thanksgiving Parade, there is the lesser known ritual of wild turkeys storming city hall, somewhere, to protest I don’t know what. I am trying to be light-hearted today despite the burdens of others, turkeys included. The California fire victims, people in our country killed just this weekContinue reading “Wild Turkeys Storm City Hall”