VW…a cheater

I’ve owned five VWs during my motoring life, including the gas-powered 2003 Passat wagon now in my driveway. I’ve read dozens of articles on how VW cheated, when it cheated and why it cheated. I am disheartened by yet another corporation screwing the public, or in this case specifically, our air and those who thought diesel VWsContinue reading “VW…a cheater”

NBC News’ Weird Cleveland Analogy

Yesterday on NBC National News the on-air talent said that the Northern California forest blaze–the Rocky Fire–had scorched an area the ” size of Cleveland.” Okay, I’ve been to Cleveland–my car died there. I’ve seen the Cavs and the Indians play in Cleveland, but I have no idea how big it is and would ventureContinue reading “NBC News’ Weird Cleveland Analogy”

Baseball’s Slow Mistake…

Baseball , America’s pastime, is falling prey to the demands of the high-tech age where close plays in the Major Leagues are subject to video review. “Kill the Ump” taunts have been soothed by unseen umps somewhere in New York City who comb over video feeds from ballparks around the nation. But the honeymoon isContinue reading “Baseball’s Slow Mistake…”