Eureka, A Telephone Booth!

I’ve posted several times about the disappearance of the telephone booth—the kind where the door closes and the phone works. Found one! The famous restaurant and bar Nepenthe has a fantastic view of the Pacific Ocean along with no cell phone service—a fact of life in many places in California’s Big Sur. But Nepenthe hasContinue reading “Eureka, A Telephone Booth!”

The View at Nepenthe

Nepenthe is a restaurant with the greatest view in the world, so claim a few travel writers. Opened in 1949, this eatery overlooks the Pacific Ocean from a cliff on California’s Big Sur. I ate there last week  and for a very brief moment, there were three unoccupied “rail” seats in front of me.Tourists wait hours for these kindContinue reading “The View at Nepenthe”