Signs of Another Political Season

Leaves are getting stuck on baseball backstops, a sign that fall is coming and that on the local level football will be taking over as a sports activity. Major League Baseball smartly calls the World Series, the Fall Classic, to stress that the game’s brightest moments take place when leaves are in full color despiteContinue reading “Signs of Another Political Season”

Heads Down Society Misses Out

We live in a heads down society where people frequently cross streets, walk on beaches or  drive while fixated on their cell phones.  This behavior is often rude, if not, dangerous. I chose this photo to capture the act of ignoring our surroundings in favor of reading a text message. When I took this shot,Continue reading “Heads Down Society Misses Out”

The Face of Ignorance

For years I couldn’t place the look on a  ceramic face crafted by a friend, Maggie Hernandez. Sad? Scared? Unsure? Yesterday, I placed old abalone shells around her creation and if by magic, the look was found. Ignorance! The ignorance of people who don’t believe we are destroying our planet. They’ll wake up one dayContinue reading “The Face of Ignorance”

Today’s Focus: Swallowtail and More…

I am unable to write about US politics without anger. I need to step away and focus on the swallowtail and other matters that don’t involve the President, Congress, etc. But politics is everywhere, including the lives of butterflies. Extreme weather, a byproduct of global warming, is destroying insect habitats. Stop. Focus on the positive.Continue reading “Today’s Focus: Swallowtail and More…”