Shadow of the Butterfly on the Fourth

I put out the flag this morning as I do every Fourth of July. Some years I think of my father’s WWII heroics, or our nation’s resolve to come together after 9/11. This time I am focused on the shadow of a butterfly, representing, in part, the freedom I enjoy to do what I want.Continue reading “Shadow of the Butterfly on the Fourth”

The President’s Lies…

A Vague Notion A vague notion of an unheard sound, Stolen by a dishonest imagination. Two raccoons mating in the dark Become unspeakable crimes against defenseless women. That’s not what I heard. But the leader says it is, over and over again, Daring us to see our blood Dripping down bedroom walls. We must hateContinue reading “The President’s Lies…”

The Other Memorial Day

Yesterday, I was on my way to visit the California Vietnam Veterans Memorial, when I spotted an abandoned shopping cart leaning on a tree in downtown Sacramento.  This city is challenged by the homeless who scar the landscape with needles, garbage,  shopping carts and their despair. Some want and need help, but too many areContinue reading “The Other Memorial Day”

The Aroma of Coffee…

The roulette known as nails on the freeway hit me again–another flat tire, completely blown apart. This time the tire was beyond repair. In brief, I found myself walking in midtown Sacramento, killing time while waiting for new tread. It was an overcast, cool day, the kind that carries smells to extremes, like roasted coffee.Continue reading “The Aroma of Coffee…”

Patience for a New Year…

The fireworks are gray ash in the gutter. The morning light is bright, the air is cold and crisp. I sound like a menu writer. Yes, the first hours of 2018 have passed and once again I’ve made some resolutions I won’t keep. I will continue to laugh at myself, a resolution I’ve always kept.Continue reading “Patience for a New Year…”