An Extra Light for Independence Day

When our country’s leaders  declared their independence from a king in 1776, they fashioned a constitution that would ensure that no one person could control matters. It was a brilliant plan that has survived the ages, although it has been slowly losing its shine to the growing power of the presidency. Now, we have aContinue reading “An Extra Light for Independence Day”

How I See Tomorrow’s Election

  I see tomorrow’s election through the perspectives of veterans, especially the rank and file troops who sustained the bulk of injuries and horrors that go with war. Trump and I were the same age in 1969, separated by 25 geographic miles and wealth—I had none. I was drafted and served in the Army forContinue reading “How I See Tomorrow’s Election”

The “Face” of a Butterfly Iris

  The butterfly irises in our front yard have faces, only I didn’t notice them until Anne, my full time editor, pointed them out to me. How did I miss that feature, given my proclivity for seeing faces on boulders? Okay, given Brexit and ongoing global terrorism, this factoid has little relevance, save for how it affects my personal developmentContinue reading “The “Face” of a Butterfly Iris”